Health Benefits

Like humans, many animals including cats and dogs can improve their health and wellbeing by taking nutritional supplements. But which supplements are safe and of benefit to your pet? Well, vets recommend the use of salmon oil because it has such wide ranging benefits and is completely safe to give your pets.

Salmon oil can help your dog or cat reap some of the health benefits associated with eating fish. Used in conjunction with a varied and balanced diet and of course, the right amount of exercise, salmon oil can be used as a health supplement to maintain a happy and healthy animal. Salmon oil is widely accepted to provide a range of health benefits for animals because it contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. Omega-3 acids are important structural components of healthy cell membranes and are the backbone of what makes salmon fish oil so beneficial.

Discover The Benefits Of I Love My Pets Salmon Oil

Salmon oil benefits include improving coat and skin health, promoting healthy heart and joint function, and encouraging normal brain development in puppies.

That’s why at I Love My Pets, we’ve developed an easy-to-use liquid salmon oil supplement that can be used for cats, dogs, ferrets and horses. Simply add some of the fish oil to your pet’s food and see the benefits for yourself.

Strengthens immune system

Improves heart health and brain function

Helps maintain a healthy glossy coat

Improves joint health and mobility

Soothing effect on dry - itchy skin

Improves skin and coat quality

Joint Care For Dogs, Cats & Other Animals.

Joint pain is a common ailment in dogs and cats, especially if they’re overweight or getting older. Much like humans, as animals age their joints can begin to stiffen causing inflammation and swelling, that if left untreated, can lead to painful conditions such as arthritis.

If your pet is finding it hard to move around or play as energetically as they once did due to joint pain, natural salmon oil supplements can help.

Salmon oil works to reduce joint inflammation because it contains omega 3 which has great anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown that taking salmon oil supplements can promote collagen growth which is key in healthy joint function and maintaining bone density.

Because salmon oil is a natural product with no chemicals or artificial ingredients, it’s a fantastic way to reduce joint pain without having to rely heavily on medication which can sometimes have side effects. Salmon oil is even recommended by vets as effective joint care for dogs and cats!

Joint health for dogs and cats is really important to their overall wellbeing as movement and exercise is key in maintaining mental and physical health. If you’re looking to give your pet a new lease of life, salmon oil can put that spring back into their step.

Healthy Coat Supplement For Dogs, Cats & Other Animals.

A healthy coat is a sign of a healthy animal and it’s what we all want for our pets. But irritated, itchy skin is quite common among cats and dogs which can lead to flaking, loss of hair and a lacklustre coat. Typically, if there are no other health issues, it isn’t a massive cause for concern but it can be quite irritable for your animal and can cause them some discomfort and stress so it’s something you’ll want to address.

Salmon oil is widely regarded as the best supplement for a dog’s coat and skin health. Adding natural salmon oil supplements to their diet is an easy way to improve the coat and skin of your animal, making their coat soft and shiny and reducing itching and scratching.

Sometimes, an overactive immune system can lead to skin allergies for dogs and cats and salmon oil is a 100% organic way to calm the immune system and help prevent these types of reactions.

Studies have shown that incorporating salmon oil into your pet’s diet can help maintain a healthy coat and prevent any skin or coat issues arising. So it’s good to add it to their food before they start showing any signs of coat or skin deterioration. If you’re looking for a healthy coat supplement for dogs, cats or other pets, our Scottish salmon oil is just the thing!

Salmon Oil Heart Supplements For Dogs, Cats & Other Animals.

Looking for the best heart supplement for dogs? Look no further than our premium Scottish salmon oil. Not only does it help the heart function and health of dogs but cats, ferrets and horses. The naturally occurring omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in the salmon oil have heart boosting properties. Use salmon oil as a dietary supplement alongside a heart healthy diet to give your animals a long and healthy life.

For dogs that are suffering from heart failure, weight loss is a really common problem. Weight loss contributes to the dog’s decline in health and often shortens their life. However salmon fish oil supplements have been shown to reduce this drastic weight loss giving dogs who are suffering from heart failure an extended lifespan.