Premium Salmon Oil For Horses

Omega 3 and omega 6 are so important for horses and they’re something that should be included in every equine diet. Omega 3 and omega 6 are essential fatty acids which unfortunately cannot be made naturally by the horse’s body and so must be given as a supplement as part of their daily diet for them to be truly healthy.

There are a few different ways to incorporate more omega 3 and omega 6 into your horse’s diet but which is the best one? Well salmon oil is a vet recommended way of getting those all important fatty acids into your horse’s diet.

Our salmon oil for horses is 100% organic and natural meaning it contains no artificial ingredients, chemicals or additives that could harm your horse. Our premium Scottish salmon oil for horses is available in 500ml bottles or 1 litre bottles. Order your salmon oil today.

Omega Fatty Acids Are Important Because They Have A Range Of Health Benefits For Horses

  • Strong and healthy hooves
  • Shiny and healthy coat
  • Protects against skin irritations and allergies
  • Promoting joint health
  • Maintaining good bone strength and density
  • Enhancing and building immunity resilience
  • Enhancing and increasing tissue elasticity