Salmon Oil For Cats

Salmon oil is one of the best fish oil supplements for cats because it contains omega 3, 6 and 9 - fatty acids that come with a range of benefits. If your cat has particularly itchy or dry skin, is flaking or has developed a lacklustre coat, salmon oil can soothe itching, reduce scratching and help give your cat its glossy shine back.

Salmon oil and omega 3 is also beneficial for maintaining good heart, immune system, kidney and brain function. Fish oil like this is best used as a supplement to a healthy balance diet.

Discover The Benefits Of I Love My Pets Salmon Oil

Your cat will love the delicious taste of our Scottish salmon oil so there will be no difficulty in getting them to take it. Of course cats love salmon! Simply pump out some of the fish oil onto the wet food and your job is done!

If you’re looking for omega 3 fish oil for cats then order our premium Scottish salmon oil. It’s 100% organic and natural with no artificial ingredients or additives.

Strengthens immune system

Improves heart health and brain function

Helps maintain a healthy glossy coat

Improves joint health and mobility

Soothing effect on dry - itchy skin

Improves skin and coat quality